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Freedom for Ziva

Today is the American Independence day. I am home spending it with the newest family member – a dog I rescued from a nearby shelter. 

Say hello to Ziva.  Lab mix, ~5 years old.  Since I have been binge-watching NCIS on Netflix, I named the dog after the Israeli character, Ziva David. However, the dog is called  Ziva Dadog

Ziva was picked up as a stray and no one claimed her. Quite surprising considering she is one sweet pup. She was spayed and is now home with me and the cats. 

The cats have not quite accepted her yet, but detente is in the works. The cats own the downstairs area and the dog is not allowed there. So far, seems to work.   Ziva is very anxious to please and never leaves my side. She has whacked my legs into submission with her constant tail wags. She knows sit, down, and we are working on stay. My arms have been extended several inches because she pulls on a leash. But we will get better I am sure! She rides well in the car and is crate-trained. Thus when I have an appointment, she stays in her crate, content with a chew toy. 

She loves playing fetch outside, but tears the skin off a tennis ball. And the huge German Shepard dogs next door do not intimidate her at all. 

Since I am still recouping from knee surgery, I spend a bit of down time in the recliner. Ziva is more than happy to just rest by my side.  (Her belly was shaved when she was recently spayed.)  So Happy Independence Day to America and to Ziva!  She now has her freedom with a forever family. 


Comments on: "Freedom for Ziva" (3)

  1. what a wonderful addition to your family!

  2. I’m very happy for Ziva, and for you! Don’t worry, she and the cats will work things out.

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