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Comparing Oranges

When I redid my living room, I reduced seating. But then I found this cute little chair that provide just one more place to plant your butt. 

So it has now been a couple of months and I decided that the orange is too orange. I want a dusky  orange.  Thus I broke out the chalk paint. 

Unfortunately, I could not remove the cushions. Thus plastic wrap and painters tape to the rescue.   After a couple of coats of chalk paint and a little clear wax, I think this shade of orange is better. 

 This will now match a little side table I already painted. 

 Now I just have to get the light rewired and the reading area will be complete. 


Comments on: "Comparing Oranges" (1)

  1. I love orange, but I can’t see the difference between your before and after pictures, sorry! In the second photo the orange looks a little more yellow-orange (I’m consulting my box of Crayolas here), but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe it’s the lighting?

    You must be feeling better if you’re painting furniture now. Hope the summer weather and the ability to take it easy are helping!

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