Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.


I am still on some pain meds after my knee surgery. They make me drowsy. 

Miko thinks that her typical 16 hours of sleep is not enough so she has been trying to steal my pain meds.   

 Should I be worried?

Could this be a cat intervention?

Oh, what’s a momma to do?!?


Comments on: "Narco-cat?" (4)

  1. my cats are constantly taking my pill bottles too… but I think it’s an attempt at intervention

  2. Uh oh! I hope that vial was empty when Miko found it!

    I noticed my kitty likes to play with empty pill bottles. I don’t encourage it, because I worry if there’s a little residue left inside: but she still loves scooping those bottles out of the trashcan and onto the floor. I kind of wish I could slip a little Vicodin into her food at night, though. She gets her second wind around 11 p.m. and loves to jump up and down on the bed. And sometimes my face. 😛

    • There were pills in the vial. But it had a very solid child (cat)-proof top so I wasn’t too worried.
      My cats do the elephant dance around 10:00 each night. I call it the elephant dance because it sounds like elephants are dancing in the house. And it is a bit louder after I had carpeting removed.
      But no matter what they do, we love our fur babies, right?

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