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Outing, then Rest

Today my daughter came by to do some laundry. I asked if she would take me to the grocery store. 

After a bit of adjusting–car seat all the way back and me lifting myself half up onto the seat back–I was able to get my straight leg into her car. 

A bit of grocery shopping, a quick stop to buy a tomato plant, and then home again, jiggity jig (ha, I can barely walk let alone do even a bad jig).

That was the first outing since surgery and now my knee is protesting.  Thus the “rest” part. 

It’s a lovely day in the mid-70s, so perfect for an outdoor rest. 


Comments on: "Outing, then Rest" (2)

  1. take it easy. and/or lots of drugs.

  2. My daughter’s leg looked just like yours after surgery. They wrapped it in a big foam brace to protect it. She didn’t want to walk around on it like you have, and she often had to get into the backseat of the car when we drove anyplace. She said it hurt too much to ride in the front.

    Get plenty of rest! I can’t recommend it enough. 😉 Hope it’s not too painful.

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