Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The Routine

It’s been one week post knee surgery and I sort of have a routine.

Get up whenever I want. If it is early and cool out, I sit outside sipping a glass of orange juice.

Check on the plants and water them if needed. The lettuce is starting to grow.

Then it is shower time and change the bandages. By now, the knee is getting tired so it demands a rest.

After a bit of rest, it’s time to fix lunch. I then eat lunch while icing the knee and watching a movie. Today’s attraction is Paint Your Wagon. Great musical from 1969.

Now it is chore time. Maybe a load of laundry, dishes, or vacuuming. Today is vacuuming. Mostly Miko’s hair.

Rest, elevate, and ice time again. I usually get some reading done until I fall asleep.

Now for the day’s highlight: cleaning litter boxes!  If that doesn’t earn more rest time, I don’t know what does.

Dinner time or dessert time, depending on how I feel. A little Netflix maybe (I am watching NCIS, currently on season 4).

Bedtime requires pain meds, book reading, and cat snuggling.

All in a days work. I don’t feel retired yet because I can’t do anything carefree yet. But it is nice to not worry about work stuff.

So that’s my routine and I am bored. Getting longer periods of activity though and hoping those keep getting longer.  


Comments on: "The Routine" (4)

  1. That sounds like bliss. Do you sing along to Paint Your Wagon? I go full throttle with it… hoping the neighbors think I’m insane (as I am). One time, I belted a chorus in a work meeting (can’t remember if I went with the theme song or Can of Beans)

    • Well duh! Of course I sing along. Unfortunately I have a terrible voice, but my enthusiasm makes up for it. I think Can of Beans would be perfect for a work meeting.

  2. Welp. At least you’re not cracking open a Bud at 11 a.m. before tuning in to an awful movie like one retiree I know. 😉 I’m sure once your knee is healed and you’re able to walk around more, you’ll get back to filling that old bucket list again.

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