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Ice Ice Baby

Day 4 after knee surgery and my motto is elevate and ice.


And since it is in the mid 90s here, ice is always welcome.

Pain is semi-tolerable, but I eased off pain meds when I got quite nauseous. Nothing worse than vomiting when you can’t make it to the vomitorium in a timely manner.

Feeling better today so just eating toast and drinking fluids. Here’s to a better recovery!


Comments on: "Ice Ice Baby" (6)

  1. glad you’re doing better! do you have one of those full-leg braces? my thigh is so fat that when I’d take a single step, the brace would slide down.

    • I do have one of those awful full leg brace. It rubs on my heel of all places. But it protects my knee during this healing process so I do wear it as prescribed. Glad it is warm so I can wear baggy shorts that fit over it.

  2. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back on your feet soon.

  3. Do you have someone there helping you out? Ice is great (especially in hot weather) but it’s even nicer when somebody else fetches the ice for you.

    I got for my daughter one of those reusable plastic-bead packs that you put in the freezer for an hour and is supposedly easier on the skin than a bag of ice. (No worries about giving yourself frostbite with the beads.) What we’ve found is that a bag of frozen peas or “mixed vegetables”—the kind they used to serve in school cafeterias, a mix of peas, diced carrots, and sometimes green beans—is a lot cheaper and colder. My old massage therapist used to recommend frozen peas for my back after I had injured it doing yard work. Not sure you can eat the peas after they’ve thawed out, however. My landlady threw my bag of peas away after the freezer stopped working, so I wasn’t able to try it.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Hope you’re up and about so you can enjoy the summer!

    • My kitties are supposedly helping out, but not so much. I knew I was gonna be laid up so stocked up on supplies and am hanging in there. I have family and friends available if needed though. Love those beady ice packs. I have 3 on hand and just rotate them.

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