Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

One More Day

    Wednesday is my last day at work. Retirement, here I come!

    So of course I have been cleaning out my cube/desk. It is amazing what one accumulates after 23 years.  

    This little magnet was my favorite though. My daughter was maybe 2.5 years old when it was taken.    

    Time has flown by since I made the decision to retire. Performing “brain dumps” to the person taking over some of my work has helped. And a little retirement party with the best cake!  

    So here’s to retirement. You might be jealous — or at least that is what everyone is telling me. 


    Comments on: "One More Day" (5)

    1. I’m very jealous!

    2. How exciting!
      I’m not sure when I am retiring. I’m 60. So….maybe 65?
      But, I have mentally retired already.
      Do extra projects? Unpaid, no benefits after retirement. No raises for 8 years? Nope, no extra projects for me.

      • Since I had planned to retire for over a year, I got several extra projects done prior to retirement. New roof, new flooring, new living room furniture, and so on. Now I can just enjoy!!
        Good luck with your planning.

        • Oh, that’s great! We got a new roof two years ago and new siding this year. It’s like having a whole new house.
          So, that’s a great feeling.

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