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Wind 1-Tree 0

A nasty little storm blew through here last weekend. And when I checked outside the next morning,  I saw this damage. 

 The area I live in has had some severe windstorms the past couple of years. Although I have not had any damage to my trees, I am concerned. 

I have two large blue spruce trees in my yard and worrying a bit about them toppling over in a future storm.  Here’s one of those spruce trees, right before the storm hit.   

But I sure didn’t think my little flowering thundercloud plum tree would be a victim. So getting the downed branches removed and chopping down the rest of that tree.   

Oh well, I didn’t want any shade in my backyard anyway. 


Comments on: "Wind 1-Tree 0" (2)

  1. drats… it was such a pretty tree

    • It was a gorgeous tree, but they have a reputation for breaking off in wind. And that’s what it did. Gonna cut down the rest of it. Boohoo.

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