Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Redone – almost

Last fall I redid the floors upstairs in kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and stairs. 

In April, I redid the living room floors. Bought a new couch and a small area rug. 

My old coffee and end tables did not look so great with the new floor.   

So I busted out some chalk paint.  

And then applied dark wax. Here’s a pic with most of the table top with the dark wax. It made quite a difference.   

It went well with the hutch also in the living room. This pic has a shelf piece from the hutch.   

Since the first end table turned out so nice, I proceeded to do the others.

But now the blue lamps are out of place with the teal couch. Yay for spray paint. (Ignore all the crap in the background. I wish I could.)  

And now — Voila!  

Of course, you must note the model cat. She goes well with the flooring. 

So now I just have to repaint the frame of a new little chair. 


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