Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

What Have I Been Doing?

The posts on Saturday were the first posts since three months ago. I have been busy!  One thing that grabbed my time and attention was new flooring for the kitchen, dining room, upstairs hallway, upstairs bathroom, and the stairs to upstairs!

After finally deciding to do it, I first had to pick out what I wanted and then make arrangements for installation. 

The following picture shows the old sheet linoleum in the kitchen and dining room. Same was in the bathroom. 
And below is the new luxury vinyl tile. And Sunni of course. This new tile is now in the bathroom too. 

The hallway was carpeted. Below shows it with the new luxury vinyl planks. 
Below are the stairs with the new planks. They were also previously carpeted. Looking so much better now!

The entire installation took two days. The cats were traumatized due to the noise. They hid downstairs in the laundry room on top of the cupboards above the washer/dryer. 

There is more to the flooring story, but that will have to wait for a future post. 


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