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Getting in the Groove

This is my knee. The dark sorta oval shape near the top is my patella (kneecap).  

The big dark area is my femur (upper leg bone). The white areas are pockets of inflammation. 

My patella is not aligned in my femur’s trochlear groove where it should be. So on Thursday, I am having knee surgery to get back in the groove.   A lateral release to cut (release) the ligaments on one side of my knee, done arthroscopically. And then an incision to tighten up the ligaments on the other side. 

This should be interesting and I fervently hope it helps with my chronic knee pain. 

I plan to sleep for days, interspersed with reading and movie watching. And I may have some interesting posts, depending on how drugged up I am. 


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  1. Interesting.. I was told “we don’t do surgery for that anymore because, for most people, it doesn’t last.” And my surgery, 20+ years ago, didn’t last. But my inflammation wasn’t as pronounced as yours and my cartilage is/was virtually gone. GOOD LUCK!!! I was walking the same day and driving, stick shift (with my R knee being the one that was worked on) in < week. But I also have a high pain threshold.
    I highly recommending getting some kind of carrying case or bag that attaches to the crutch (Amazon has lots of them).
    Please keep us updated!!

    • ps: Mine was a patella reshape, to which he added a lateral release. While doing the surgery (I was totally awake, local only), he said that if the MRI had shown what he was seeing in real life, he would have done a knee replacement instead. I do abductor and adductor exercises to help the thigh muscles stabilize my knee.

      • Physical therapy has me doing quad sets. Also have nmes (neuromuscular electrical stimulator) that helps with my quads.

    • My Dr. said there is an 80% chance the surgery will help. But in the same breath, he also said I will need total knee replacement in the future. I was walking with crutches same day. Now walking with a cane.

  2. Oh ugh! Knee surgery is never fun. Will you have someone to keep an eye on you during recovery? An older friend who lives by herself was sent by her doctor to a long-term care facility to do physical therapy and have 24-hour nursing care, “just in case.” She claims she was so unhappy with the place, it sped up her recovery as she forced herself to get out of bed and walk just to show the nurses she did not need to be there.

    Hope your operation goes well. Maybe Santa can bring you something to get you back in the groove! 🙂

    • My daughter will stay with me the first night. But she also has a company Xmas party that night. So I have to be ok. The worst part is that I cannot drink my homemade Baileys Irish creme until I am totally off pain meds. I would hate to go to a rehab facility. What would my kitties do?

      • Drink your homemade Baileys Irish Creme? 😉

        Seriously, I hope things go well. I totally get what it’s like to be recovering from major surgery while living alone. Make sure before you go to the hospital that you move everything to the ground floor so you don’t have to climb the stairs in order to get some necessity. (Or wait for your daughter. I had sort of an LOL moment when I realized all of the “feminine hygiene” stuff was in the upstairs bathroom and I had to swallow my embarrassment to ask my then teenaged son to get them for me….)

        • Your poor son. I have to be upstairs because that’s where the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom all are. Supposedly I can go up/down the stairs because I will do it one step at a time. That’s how I have been walking for several months anyway.

      • Yes you can. I do stuff like that all the time. Just gotta know how your body reacts to each & the combo.

    • I was motivated by the local GOOD christmas parade taking place the next day – had to hobble/crutch my way down a flight of stairs and down a block, with a folding chair in hand to reserve my viewing space for that night. took a lot of pain meds and kept my leg elevated to get through the loooong parade.

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