Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Miko, the Balinese, had her yearly checkup. She was ready to hit the road.   

And then I ruined the experience by stuffing her head down, zipping her in, and taking her to the vet. 

She survived. 


Comments on: "Caturday – Ready to Roll" (3)

  1. Do you like your soft-side carrier? I’ve been debating about changing to that type – or at least a top-load carrier.

    • I do like it. I have several; one for each cat. Different sizes per cat. I have had the hard crates in the past. Like the soft ones because it open on top or side. I can easily slip a few fingers in the top to pet a scared kitty. And it weighs less. Easier to store too.
      However, I had one cat go ballistic and rip through the mesh. She then escaped while in the car. So if you have a ballistic-prone cat, hard crate may be a safer choice.

      • that was one of my concerns. all my kitties tend to freak out in the car. I used to be able to leash one of my cats in the car but the leash untied one time and I was driving with him under my legs.. not cool!

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