Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A Peach of a Day

Today has been very busy — at least the morning was. 

I got up early and Daughter and I were downtown at our favorite Sunday meeting place. Yup, it was pumpkin waffle time. (Sorry, we ate too fast.) We had a 9:30 pedicure appointment, but we’re early. So we did a quick stop at Target to grab a few items. Still too early, so a speedy car wash sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately there were technical difficulties. Yay, all fixed in 5 minutes. An artistic display on my front windshield!  Whew, we made it to the pedicure only 1 minute late. When we were almost done, a woman and 3 children (1 was of age) came in. She was getting married in a few days and was celebrating with mimosas!  She asked if we too (and everyone else in the nail salon) would like a mimosa. And she asked my 24 year old daughter if she was old enough. Thanks for checking!  We ended up sipping mimosas (just OJ for the kids) until nail polish was dry. 

Here are our toesies! Cute, huh? After that, we headed to a local farming community to get some fresh fruit and veggies. Blackberries, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, and… peaches!  Of course we taste-tested 5 different varieties before selecting sweet pea peaches. I also got a peach milk shake made with hard ice cream and fresh peaches. As soon as we got home, Daughter sliced up a peach. Extremely good.  And then I added some to my infuser bottle.  It is not even noon and we are all exhausted and pretty much done for the day. But what a peach of a day it has been!


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