Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Weekend Retreat

A friend invited to her place on Pend Oreille lake (in northern Idaho) for the weekend. 

On  Saturday morning we stopped at the farmers market in Sandpoint, Idaho.   We bought some goat cheese for snacking and I found these great sunglasses that I can wear right over my regular glasses. Cool, huh?!  It was raining most of Saturday, but I could not complain. The area needed the rain and the temperature was much cooler. Although windy, it was refreshing to sit outside. Very misty; you could not even see across the lake.  After a late lunch, we drove into town to  get dessert. But first it was huckleberry lemonade.  Real huckleberries!Then a piece of the finest key lime pie outside of Florida. And then pots de crème–a marvelous combo of chocolate pudding and mousse.  We then wandered around town–to walk off at least some of those calories. These first 2 photos are from an alley. The entire alley is painted.  

Then a bit of ceramic mosaic on the outside of a building.   

Sandpoint is an extremely bicycle-friendly town. Check out the sculpture and the cute bicycle baskets.    

 Then it was time to head back to the lake. We pulled out the wine and goat cheese we had purchased earlier and completely enjoyed the evening. The weather had calmed down so it was a better view across the lake.  (Check out the table. My friend did the mosaic. Isn’t it nice?)

       After polishing off almost 2 bottles of wine, it was off to bed. So nice to listen to the waves lapping against the shore. 

Sunday morning was nice and clear. A gander of geese were swimming by.   

 We saw one bald eagle, but I was too slow to grab its picture. We watched many osprey riding the wind. Here is one on the nest and another in the background.  

After a morning and afternoon of yakking and relaxing, it was time to head home. But not before grabbing one last huckleberry treat. Paul Bunyon’s had huckleberry milkshakes. Yup, real and plentiful huckleberries.  

A wonderful weekend retreat. Very relaxing!


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  1. The sunglasses that slip over your regular glasses are great! I buy a bunch at a time and Mary and I wear them until they fall apart, then throw them out and get another pair. I get them from Harriet Carter. They’re cheap ($10) and they do a great job.

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