Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A lazy weekend. After all the fruit adventures on Friday, I did almost nothing on Saturday.  I didn’t even watch fireworks. There are so many fires in the area, it just didn’t seem right. 

One thing I did do was trim back the neighbor’s bush. As you can see in the picture, its leaves blocked the sprinkler. I just went out there with pruning shears and hacked away. Ugly, but hopefully the burnt grass will be rejuvenated with a bit of water. Sunday morning, daughter and I usually meet for breakfast downtown. She was supposed to run with friends, so we decided to meet in the afternoon and see a movie. 

I had a Groupon for movie, unlimited popcorn, and drinks for two at a funky independent theater that is across the street from the vegan place we usually eat at. 

This theater is tiny; maybe seats 50 people. They serve drinks in glass glasses and popcorn in metal mixing bowls. Best popcorn ever!!

We went to see Love and Mercy, a true story about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.   My daughter was the youngest person there. Everyone else was in their 60s-70s. You know, people who grew up worshipping the Beach  Boys. 

An excellent movie and I didn’t even notice it was 2 hours long. Even my 20-something daughter enjoyed it. 

After the movie, we jay-walked across the street for a late lunch. As always, it was exceptional. 

We both got no-bake cookies for later. Mine was 2/3 gone before I even got home. Oats, raisins, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and chocolate. Absolutely the best no-bake I ever had.  Vegan, gluten-free.   

And that’s my exciting 4th of July. I am guessing most everyone else had more excitement than I did. Good on you!!


Comments on: "A “Must See” Movie" (4)

  1. That’s kind of depressing, that only people in their 60s and 70s would be interested in Brian Wilson. I’ve read really good reviews of the movie, so you would think it would garner a bigger audience.

    The cat and I hid from the fireworks last night. I couldn’t believe it, but some people actually had mortar fireworks, which sounded like bombs going off. Normally I like going out to see a movie or visit friends with swimming pools 😉 on the Fourth, but it was so suffocatingly hot yesterday it made more sense to stay home and read and catch up on the new Poldark series. All in a (mostly) quiet air-conditioned room!

    • The movie was in a tiny tiny theater. So I think young people don’t normally go there. It was a great movie. So what’s this Poldark series? A book? I am always looking for good books. I see your 4th was hot too. Thankfully it is cooling down a smudge here this week. Only in 90s and high 80s.

      • The TV series is based on a series of historical romances set in 18th-century Cornwall, but the current production on public television’s Masterpiece TV is a remake of a BBC production from the 1970s. I didn’t like the original BBC series—too static, too slow, made on a starvation budget by a nearly bankrupt BBC—but Robin Ellis, the actor who played the title character, became a romantic idol. The new production features Aidan Turner as Poldark; if you’re a Hobbit fan, you’ll recognize him as the guy who played the dwarf Kili. He’s even more gorgeous than Robin Ellis, so I think I’ll follow the show just for the eye candy. 🙂 I watch it online, since I never bothered to replace my old television.

        • Thanks for the info. I will check it out. I recently got rid of cable, but have Netflicks, Amazon Prime, and Hulu + so I can watch stuff. I have never watched the hobbit movies. Having read the books at least 20 times, I have a clear picture in my mind what everyone and everything looks like. And I don’t want to taint my vision with someone else’s vision. Silly, huh? My TV is wireless so I can watch some stuff on it. I will have to see if I can watch PBS.

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