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Hot, Fruit, Hot Fruit

It is still hot here. Currently it is 101 F. And the wind is kicking up. Already there are three brush fires in the area. Hope they can be squelched quickly. 

This was taken from my back deck. Getting a bit smokey.   Due to the heat, I (and Daughter) went raspberry picking at 8 this morning. It was already getting hot. I only lasted about 50 minutes before the heat got to me. And the picking were slim.  Then I stopped at a local fruit stand and grabbed some blueberries and blackberries.  And Daughter wanted apricots.  Since it was so unbarebly hot and I had hurt my back, the plan was to just stay home in the cool cool basement. 

So we watched two movies from Red Box, Black and White, and Unbroken. We fixed a lovely fresh salad with farmer’s market lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. 

And then we ate fresh-baked apple-huckleberry pie. The pie was baked in the oven in the morning so as to not totally heat up the house. It did a bit, but we stayed downstairs so as not to be affected. 

I am full of fresh veggies and fruit. Daughter is off to her house with her share of the fruit bounty. Dang if she didn’t pack up the pie too!

Oh well, blame the heat. 


Comments on: "Hot, Fruit, Hot Fruit" (2)

  1. oooh.. make another pie.. .i just got Baskin Robbins ice cream!

  2. Ooh, pie! It’s funny how pie tastes best in the summer (especially with ice cream), but it’s the worst possible time to bake.

    I’m sorry you hurt your back (while picking berries? because it usually requires a lot of stooping and bending). I don’t know if fresh fruit is a good curative for aching muscles, but they are a nice compensation for heat and exhaustion. 🙂

    The heat has sort of broken down here, thanks to a stray thunderstorm that drifted over our area last night. Tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher, however, and windy. There’s been a lot of concern over the combination of fireworks, tinder-dry grass and bushes, and high winds, though the city refuses to prohibit fireworks on the 4th. Hope the fires don’t go anywhere near you or your daughter!

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