Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Brain-melting Heat

It is so hot that some people’s brains are melting.   

Expletive Example 1

Friday night I met up with my brother N and sister-in-law J for dinner at a local Subway. Only a few people were there. 

First of all, a lady female parks in the handicap spot. She ignores a comment from brother about the issue. Maybe her handicap–for which they do not provide a handicap placard–is stupidity. 

After we had received out order and were seated, a family comes in; man, woman, child. The child is a boy, about 9 years old. No shirt, no shoes. He proceeds to climb all over the tables and benches. Walking on the table tops, sitting on the table tops, scooting his dirty butt all over them. 

I catch his eye and ask him to get off the table; that people eat there and they don’t want to eat on his dirty feet.  Both his parents saw and heard me speak to their kid. They did nothing. 

He gets off for one minute and then starts again. He even looked right at me while standing on the table! His parents did nothing. 

I did not say another word. The parents and kid chose to be inconsiderate asshats. 

After they left, another patron asked the staff to please wipe down the tables due to his dirty butt and feet. 

I wonder why the staff did not say anything. No shirt, no shoes, no service. They were young so maybe they didn’t feel they had the right to speak up. 

Expletive Example 2

Yesterday my neighbor had a yard sale. I had gone grocery shopping. When I came home, an inconsiderate driver had parked their car blocking my driveway. 

I always back into my garage. It makes it easier to unload items from the trunk. Obviously that maneuver was out of the question. Since I had groceries that needed to be refrigerated immediately, I drove over the curb and into the garage. 

After unloading things, I was going to go next door and ask whoever it was to move their car. And just as I was getting ready to do this, they left. 

Asshats!  I am appalled at the blatant inconsiderate behavior of some people! I could rant and rave, but it wouldn’t do any good. And it just destroys my peace. 

 Here’s my solution.  
Who’s with me?!?


Comments on: "Brain-melting Heat" (4)

  1. I’M WITH YOU!!

  2. Me! Hate inconsiderate people, and love the word asshats.

  3. I agree that hot weather makes people stupid. Impatient, angry people become more so and turn into raging assholes; lazy people who don’t want to walk in the heat park in the spot closest to wherever they want to go, regardless if it’s marked for handicapped or if it’s right in front of someone’s driveway. (In CA that’s grounds for keying. I’ve seen people walk by offending cars and gouge their sides. Which is not right, but just saying.)

    Negligent parents are always negligent—I work with their children in the schools—but seeing their kids walk into a restaurant dressed in just a diaper makes me cringe. Watching the same kid touch all of the neighboring tables, silverware, plates, etc. makes me snap. I’ve often taken the child by the hand, led him back to his parents’ table, and say, “Your child should not be handling things that other diners will use.” I’ve been sworn at and called names for doing this, but most of them just gawk. Why the management tolerates this, I don’t know, unless the “manager” is just 18 years old and his expertise is mostly in filling the soda machine….

    But mostly I shrug and let it roll off my shoulders. If I let these people get under my skin, I will have no rest. Hope you have a better day!

    • I usually shrug if off too because you can’t reach stupid people. My original concern in subway was perhaps being attacked because I said something to the kid. But I was with my brother and he always carries protection. Thank goodness there are still many kind and considerate people!!

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