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What’s Growing

Here is a little update via pictures of what’s growing in the yard. 

   Can you tell I like day lilies?

And here is how my big tomato plant is doing. The leaves are a bit wilty due to the heat. I try to hand water it twice a day.   And I also have a lone cherry tomato plant. It too is coming along nicely.  Look at those potential little gems.   It’s going to be super hot this weekend –in the triple digits–so I am moving the tomato plants into the shade for a couple of days. They too deserve a break from the sun. 

And here is the final growing report.   

 Yes, an evergreen tree–with requisite pine cone–has just sprouted on my daughter’s forearm. Quite lovely!

Stay cool!


Comments on: "What’s Growing" (6)

  1. It’s been quite a cool spring and summer, here, so far. A few warm days, but only 75 today! I’m in SE Michigan…where are you?

  2. Beautiful gardens! Our tomatoes are far behind yours!

    That is a cool tattoo!

    • I am kind of surprised about my tomato plant. It is way early. But we did not have a spring; we jumped right into summer. Too much summer! It is 98 at my house at 1:47 pm. Only going to get hotter.

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