Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We Be Tired

It has been a tiring weekend. 

I slept in Saturday morning with reading, napping, reading, napping, etc. until noon. Then I had to get out of bed. My niece had a high school graduation party. I wanted to try something cutesy with cash. Thus a mortarboard and a diploma.  Whew, precision folding and creasing is exhausting! After the party, I came home to do a couple of loads of laundry. And a bit of going through old boxes of stuff. 

I had a fitful night of sleep due to knee pain. It doesn’t hurt if I don’t move. But I toss and turn when I am asleep, then the pain wakes me up. I was going to say pain in the a**, but the pain is due south. 

Got up early Sunday to plant a few plants to fill out my flower planters. Some didn’t make it. But the majority of them are looking good!    

 I then rushed off to meet Daughter downtown for our Sunday breakfast. Vegan pumpkin waffles with chai butter and maple syrup — yum!

Daughter had laundry, so I said she could do it at my house. She started a load and then promptly fell asleep. She said she had little sleep the night before, then got up and ran 7 miles in the cool dawn air, and all before meeting me for our 8:00 breakfast. 

This is what exhaustion looks like. (When I showed Daughter this picture, her comment was “I hate you.” But she did give me permission to use it, if you count “ughhhhhhhh fine” as permission.)

 In the meantime, I am still sorting through stuff and found a $20 Target gift card!  Woot woot!  After a bit, and after nap time is over, we head off to Target to spend $$. I knew exactly what I wanted. Vitamin Water Zero, orange flavor. I love this stuff and it helps me drink more fluids. 

While walking in Target, I felt some serious twinges in my right knee. Hmmm, my left knee is the bad one. We get home and part way down the stairs, I have to stop and ask Daughter to fetch my cane. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Gone Girl (the book is better of course) and nursing a sore knee. 

It is now dark and I am exhausted too. Pain is tiring. I am glad I am working from home tomorrow. Think I will be icing the ole joint. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I am already dreading next weekend. This is the forecast.  Did someone say hotter than hell?


Comments on: "We Be Tired" (5)

  1. 38 degree diff between day and night – ugh!!
    hope the knee feels better. i can’t believe how much better nearly ever aspect of my life feels now that i have the chronic pain under control. i didn’t realize how much it was affecting me!

  2. Wow! Busy weekend! Cute pic of daughter!
    The flowers look great!

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