Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Raising the Roof

I now have a beautiful–and functional–new roof!

Here’s what my old 22 year old roof looked like. Notice a few shingles just hanging out.  Since it was not too bad, I could get by with just a recover, meaning they simply put down new shingles over the old ones. And now check out this version.   The roofing company was also to fix the gutter. They dropped off the pieces a few weeks ago so I could paint them to match the house. 

I thought there should have been one more curved piece, but what do I know?  Apparently I was correct. Gutter guy called and said they forgot one curved piece, but not to worry as they would put it on the bottom so I could easily paint it. 

This is their work.  What is wrong with this picture? So I sent them an email wondering how that would get painted. And asking why the other two gutter downspouts did not get the minor fixes that were mentioned in the roofing contract. 

Today at 7:15, as I was driving to work,  I got a phone call. They would stop by and paint it for me and fix the other gutters. Please leave the paint out this morning. 

Too late. I was not going to drive back home. I had already done that early this week. They had said they would call me when they were ready to do the gutters so I could put the painted pieces out. 

Of course, they called at 7:45 on Wedesday morning. Of course I was driving to work. I continued to work, but left after my meeting so I could put the gutters out. 

No way was I going to do it again. So now they will paint and fix the other gutters on Monday. 

But don’t you love the gorgeous roof? (A little view from the back)  Check new roof off the list of things to do before retirement. 


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