Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It has been unseasonably hot here. Several temperature records have been broken shattered for the date.   

And now it is very windy, with red flag warnings. A red flag warming is issued by the National Weather Service when conditions such a high temps, wind, and low humidity can cause a fire (if one starts) to rapidly grow. 

Just this week alone there have already been several small brush fires. A couple may have been caused by trains. It is dry dry here. 

Here is a picture of a current fire my daughter took from the downtown area. The fire is just west of downtown Hopefully it will be contained soon before houses are damaged.  Right now the fire is in brush and trees along side a cemetery and golf course.   

The area I live in does not have a lot of trees, so feeling fairly safe from fires right now. However, my family (mom, sister, brother, nephews) all live in an area that is susceptible. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

On to other news. I am waiting to get my house reroofed. They will also replace the gutter downspout that was damaged a few weeks ago. So I got up early last weekend to paint the downspout to match my house color. It has been so hot, I was out painting at 6:00 in the cool morning.   

That’s all the news I have for now. Hoping it will cool down soon, and maybe rain again. 


Comments on: "Sizzling And Dry Dry Dry" (5)

  1. We are safe today. Raking up pine leaves etc. early this morning…

  2. sending you “no fires” juju

  3. It sounds like our weather got bored with us and drifted over to your area. It’s been windy and hot down here as well, except for a freak shower and thunderstorm that stopped by yesterday. Now it’s both hot and humid, thanks to the damp left by the rain. We needed the moisture, but getting rain at this time of the year is very unusual. There’s been some talk of El Nino sending record floods later this year, similar to Texas, but that’s hard to believe just now.

    Hope your friends and family are safe out there in the woods. And be careful of the smoke! After fires broke out here last summer, we saw an uptick in people, particular kids, with respiratory problems.

    • You can have your drought back. We have no snow pack and the spring runoff was only 10% of normal. I read about the forecast of El Niño. Yikes. It’s the fires I fear.

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