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The Rainman Cometh

A huge storm came roaring through last night. Thunder, lightning, strong winds, heavy drenching rain, and hail. 

I lost power for a couple of hours. So glad I have my Kindle to distract me because the cats abandoned me and hid out in the basement. 

This photo shows some of the hail. I have a detailed video, but cannot get it to upload. This is a picture of the hail in my friend’s garden. They live very close by. And yet they had much more hail than I received. 

 The following photo shows my flooded planter. The soil was saturated so the water just sat on top.
This is a metal basket thingy that was sitting on my deck. The day before the storm I had washed the dirt off. It was sitting outside to dry off before I scrubbed the old rusty paint off. There was 6 inches of water inside.   And this photo shows all the shingle granules from my roof that came down with the rain water. Perfect timing because I am getting my roof recovered in a week or so. Notice the bark that is on the edge of the lawn. That was due to the minor flooding of the flower bed from gutter drainage.  

 And this last photo is from my friend’s pool net. The wind and hail just shredded it.   Hoping the heavy rain dampens down the forests. Unfortunately, the mild winter left everything quite dry; could be a rough fire season. 


Comments on: "The Rainman Cometh" (5)

  1. I had to drill drain holes in low/side of a bunch of large tree pots when a similar thing happened. the water had nowhere to go and the trees died… but then came back!!

  2. [Waves.] Send some of that rain down here! I think CA could use a good storm or ten now! 😉

    Seriously, I’m glad you’re safe and there was no serious damage at your house. I’ve seen in the Midwest what a hailstorm can do: my car still has dents in the roof where ball bearing-sized hail pinged it. I also lost several clay flowerpots and a resin hummingbird plaque, which were smashed to pieces. Still, I was glad no one in our family, including one very repentant cat that had run off just before the storm, was hurt. (He, the cat, I mean, had slipped out an open door and gave me a “nyah nyah!” look as he ran merrily into the backyard. Of course, I was worried sick about him when the storm hit.)

    I also hope insurance covers all of the damage to your roof. In Minnesota there was an investigation into the major home insurance companies, many of which had rejected or low-balled homeowner claims following a huge storm. Even when a claim hadn’t been rejected, the companies took months to send checks for repairs. I’ve never felt the same about insurance companies after that. 😦

  3. stellastarstruck said:

    Wow! That was a storm. That was a lot of hail. We’re just going into the rainy season here…it just started down south. It isn’t my favourite time of year at all.

    • My roof is 22 years old and the granules that come off is standard wear and tear. I knew I was due for a roof so already had estimates before this storm. Thus the storm just reiterated the need. The roof guy came by today so I could sign contracts and even he was shocked by all the blow-off granules.
      Would love to send some of the rain your way. Maybe El Niño will take care of you soon.

    • I don’t really mind the rain. It is the power outages and other damage that I hate. Oh well, so far it is just an inconvenience. Stay dry!!

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