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Morning Panic

i am a creature of habit. And when I get something in my head, it must be resolved before I can move on. Today there was a problem. 

The other day I bought some lovely strawberries. They were perfect in morning cereal. I had emptied my cereal box a couple of days ago, but as always I forgot and did not get more cereal. 

Today I am working from home and since last night was anticipating Rice Krispies with strawberries. (Yes, I love Rice Krispies; it is my cereal of choice unless I have granola around). 

I am up early and after a quick shower I head to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Oh no!! No Rice Krispies!! Here is where the panic comes in. If I can’t have cereal, how will I enjoy the strawberries? 

Yes, I know I could eat them without cereal, but Rice Krispies with strawberries has been on the menu since last night. I dreamed of breakfast. (Not really, but I wanted to demonstrate how much I was looking forward to that specific breakfast.)

Aha, I will check my overflow pantry in the garage. Yikes, no cereal where I expect it to be. Panic level rises. And then I spot the blue and white box in an odd spot. 

🎶🎶 Hallalulah 🎶🎶 as my panic level is abated. 

To celebrate the discovery of the missing cereal, I decided to not only put extra strawberries in the bowl, but to also top it off with a banana. 

 Personally, I prefer these minor panic attacks over nonconsequential things as opposed to major attacks over critical issues. Thus I am enjoying strawberries, bananas, and Rice Krispies. And Rice Krispies is now on the grocery list. 


Comments on: "Morning Panic" (2)

  1. I often say that I’m good in a crisis because I freak out over small stuff instead of big.

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