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More Planting

Time to finish up all the planting, or at least all that I am willing to do now. 

Here are some of the planter boxes by the lower deck.  I just had drip lines put in for them. However, the planters were flooding with too much water. Thus the drip lines are not in the planters right now.  

 I planted one big tomato plant. Look it already has baby tomatoes on it!

 And one cherry tomato plant.   Both tomato plants sit in full sun and will have to be hand watered every day. 

Then there are a couple of planters on the upper deck that will also have to be hand watered.    

 Because I cannot handle any heat at all, I was out planting at 6:00 in the morning. Glad that is done!!  At least until I think I need more flowers. 


Comments on: "More Planting" (3)

  1. everything is so pretty!

  2. cardamone5 said:

    For us gardeners, a forever conundrum, more flowers!

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