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It’s Planting Time

Yup, the snow is off the mountain; no more freeze in the morning. Guess it is time to start planting!!

But before we plant, we must fuel. Here is a picture of the most delicious waffle on earth. Vegan pumpkin waffle with chai butter and syrup. This is becoming a Sunday morning thing with Daughter.   

So now that we are fueled (and full), it is off to grandma’s house. We planted purple petunias in her planter boxes, as we do every year.   

Then back to my house to plant pretties along the upper deck. (Sheesh, the deck rails are looking a little worn.)



Isn’t this an unusual petunia?


Ended up planting over 100 annuals, and there are at least six more planters to pretty up. Next weekend will be busy. 


Comments on: "It’s Planting Time" (3)

  1. cardamone5 said:

    I almost bought those petunias at Home Depot. Them I went to a nursery instead and by the time I go back to Home Depot, they were gone. They look great.

  2. It looks like spring just started in your area! Here it feels like summer, though we’ve had a weird streak of cool, even cold weather set in. We need sweaters in the a.m. but in the afternoon we have to chuck them, it’s far too warm.

    I planted petunias just like your purple ones in a wheelbarrow for a preK class project, but the teacher forgot to water them and now they look very sad. I wish now I had kept them for myself, not that I have a garden to plant them in. 😦

    • Petunias are pretty forgiving. Maybe you can revive them. It’s getting warm here. Going to be on the 80s this week. I finally broke down and turned on the AC today. I am kind of excited to sit on the deck and read this coming weekend. After I finish my planting of course.

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