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It’s Trivia Time

I love trivia! Little facts that are inconsequential, but are interesting little snippets.  

For example, what is the smallest city that serves as a state capitol for a U.S. state?


My work place recently held a trivia contest while supporting a local charity. I am proud (though a bit disappointed) that my team came in third. 

My team prepared by playing Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Crack, and various online games. One of my favs is FunTrivia. 

And because it’s a fav, I decided to create my own little daily trivia tournament within FunTrivia.

Please join in. My brother has a private tournament that I have been playing for a while. It is non-intrusive, meaning you don’t get any annoying emails just because you joined up. 

BTW, if you guessed Montpelier, Vermont, you are correct!!


Comments on: "It’s Trivia Time" (2)

  1. I joined and took the Science and Technology quiz, which isn’t my best subject. I know a few things, but missed two out of the 10 questions. (I didn’t know BBS meant “be back soon.” I thought it was an acronym for a branch of the BBC.)

    Interesting! I used to enjoy playing Trivia Pursuit, but I got mad when another player figured out I knew zip about sports and would always throw a sports question at me. Surprisingly, I knew quite a bit about tennis. I’m not a fan, but back in the 70s it was all the rage and even I owned a tennis racquet and played a little. Thanks for starting this!

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