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Mommed Out-Part 3

After a lovely breakfast and then furniture moving, Daughter and I decided we needed something good for the soul. So off we headed to a local garden and conservatory. 

Since it is only mid-May, the big garden area is plain Jane right now. No color.   

However, the conservatory was open. I took so many pictures, that I combined them into a few collages. 


The cactus garden was a visual treat as many of the cacti were in bloom. 

We then wandered outside through the gardens. Every plant has an identifying nameplate so if you see something you like, you know what it is. This is what I want.   

The bumble bees were out in full force doing their job. Some were big fat buzzers.   

Afterwards, we went back to Daughter’s apartment. It was only 11:00. We both needed to do laundry so I told Daughter she could bring some of hers to my house and we could combine loads. 

With laundry in the works, we both settled down to read and nap the rest of the day. At some point I threw a peach-huckleberry pie in the oven. 

So there you have it; the mommed out adventures for 2015. It was as good as it gets. Thank you Daughter!❤️


Comments on: "Mommed Out-Part 3" (1)

  1. just threw a peach-huckleberry pie in the oven, la di dah, as we all do.

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