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Mommed Out-Part 2

After a scrumptious Mother’s Day breakfast, it was time to unload the car.   

The bike was easy, except the black handles left marks on the inside top of the car. I am hoping my favorite cleaner ( vinegar, water, Dawn) will get those out. 

Then it was time for the biggie; a large hope chest. Up a a flight of stairs. One carrier (me) has knee problems and going up stairs is already an issue before adding a hope chest. 

However, we got it done!! Several pauses on the stairs. A lovely bruised shoulder (where I semi-balanced the hope chest because I had to have one hand on the handrail at all times). When we conquered the stairs, we put little moving disks under the feet of the chest, then easily pushed it into the bedroom. Voila!  

Whew!  Sixty-four years old and lugging furniture up a flight of stairs. Never again!

Since I am a handyman of sorts, I also was able to hang up a running sign for Daughter. I used a phone charger cord as a measurement device and Command strips since we cannot put nails in the walls. It turned out level, I think.  Daughter now has to dig out her running bibs and medals and hand them up.   

It is now only 9:00 in the morning. We are energized, so decided on an adventure. Stay tuned!


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  1. You guys totally rock.

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