Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My friend S and I decided to hit up some nearby yard sales today. A church had their spring flea market, so many houses in the neighborhood also joined in the fun. 

We were in the church parking lot (where vendors were hawking their wares) when completely out of nowhere came a fierce gust of wind. The wind picked up all sorts of stuff and blew it across the lot. At least one canopy was carried off several hundred feet. 

Both S and I were almost knocked off our feet. Several small children were. Everyone was in complete awe of this burst from the blue. Its path was very narrow as it only affected one aisle of vendors. And then it was over. 

The sky was filled with stuff floating around; hair bows, papers, plastic bags. Small glass items such as wine glasses had been blown around and of course shattered. One little girl was hysterical and her mom was hanging onto her canopy while clutching the little girl. 

And when it was over, several people remarked how unfortunate they didn’t take a video of this weirdness. 

I tried to see if any of this wind weirdness was picked up at any weather station. I only found this report from a mile away. It shows an uptick in wind speed about 1:00, but certainly not the gust we experienced.  

We moved on to other yard sales and I spotted a lovely hope chest. I snapped a picture and texted my daughter to see if she was interested.   

She was, but only if they lowered the price. They did. And now it is in the back of my car, along with her bicycle, awaiting delivery tomorrow. 


Somehow I scrapped my arm during all this action. Sure bled a lot, but it is fine now. (Sorry, graphical grossness below.) 

How are we going to get it up a flight of stairs tomorrow? Considering how klutzy I was just getting it in the car, this may be my last post. ‘Twas nice knowing you. 

Hopefully, more later. 


Comments on: "Yard Sailing, Literally" (6)

  1. Great find!
    Sorry you were injured in the course of the capture though.
    (Two people on the stairs, and leaving the bike for second should be safe enough.)

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t get hurt on the stairs.

    It sounds like a straight line wind hit the flea market that day. I was told they’re more dangerous than a tornado, since they can flatten anything in their way, trees, buildings, people. I’m glad you’re safe now, but yikes, that seems like a close call.

    • Indeed a freaky wind event. I didn’t see anything in the news about it. Probably because it was an isolated event. But now, thanks to you, I know what it was.

  3. stellastarstruck said:

    Please be careful! And nice find! I love the chest.

    That wind sounds quite wild. Must have a been a freak event.

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