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The Fix

if you recall, I went too far in painting a jewelry box and ended up with a hot mess.   My solution was to paint everything blue except for the drawer fronts. I would paint those white. I came up with this color scheme mainly so I wouldn’t have to paint those pesky knobs again. 

After a single coat of blue and then a single coat of white on the drawers, I decided to stop. Since I was using regular paint, not chalk paint, the coverage was not 100%. But I like it. It is quite similar to the effect I was trying to achieve with the original dry brushing failure.  

I declare this project complete. What do you think?


Comments on: "The Fix" (2)

  1. I like it—it has that antique-whitewashed look that was in vogue awhile back. (I don’t know what’s in style nowadays in home furnishings. It seems like the modern Eurodesign/cool early 60s look is back, thanks to Mad Men and other retro look shows.) I also think there comes a point where you have to put down the tools and let things rest a bit. You may decide a month from now that you prefer another color, but I’ve watched friends work a project to death and end up hating it. So if you like it now, hey, great!

    • Interesting that you say whitewash because I was sort of doing the opposite — blue over the white. Except for the drawer fronts. The blue and white is what is in the sewing room and I like the colors. I doubt I will be changing them soon. But who knows. I just did not want that solid color look. And I would never say I was styling in my home. I guess you could say I am a bit trendy though cause I use chalk paint. But maybe I have passed that trend in that this latest is just regular paint. It is warmer now so I will be hitting the garage to do some mosaic soon. Or maybe I will do absolutely NOTHING!!

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