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I Got Carried Away

I bought this cute little 8-drawer jewelry box. Its intended to be used in the sewing room for bobbins, needles, and other sewing notions.  The reddish knobs had to go. They were screwed in. And the inside was so small that a regular screwdriver would not fit. So I went to my local hardware store and bought a short- handled Phillips screwdriver.  Much to my dismay, the knobs also appeared to be glued on. I had to replace the screws and go to plan B.  I decided to tape off around the knobs and just paint them blue. Hail to the queen of frog tape.   Painting the knobs with a small craft brush went quickly. One coat did the trick. After drying overnight, I peeled off the frog tape. Voila! And here is where I should have stopped. But noooooo — I got carried away and thought I would dry brush the blue onto the rest of the jewelry box.   Looks like crap!! So now it is time for plan C. I will paint over the dry-brushed blue and go back to white with blue knobs. 

Gotta learn to stop at some point. 


Comments on: "I Got Carried Away" (5)

  1. […] you recall, I went too far in painting a jewelry box and ended up with a hot mess.   My solution was to paint everything blue except for the […]

  2. cardamone5 said:

    I love you DIY posts, since I love craft projects. I look forward to your posts for the ideas, you fearlessness and inspiration. I think this chest looks great, but I also understand you need to keep working if it doesn’t match your vision.


  3. oh c’mon
    this is no time to give in
    obviously you now stencil something on top of the blue brushwork

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