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Bagpipes and Embroidery

Saturday was a hectic day. There was a craft fair at a local high school. Daughter and I went because we were hoping to find a corner nightstand. 

Much to our joy, we were witness to a mini-concert by the school’s bagpipe band and dancers. The school mascot is a highlander. I went to that school a million years ago and loved wearing a kilt as a band uniform. As a woodwind player, I started to learn to play the chanter. And I also started to learn the sword dance as a Scottish dancer. Unfortunately I had to drop both because it interfered with all my other high school classes and activities. 

Here is a brief video of part of their performance.

We ended up finding all sorts of goodies, from homemade caramels, delicious scones from the Scone Ranger, delightful teas, and this cute little artsy piece for Daughter.   

We found a little nightstand too. It’s not a corner piece, but it will work well. I am refinishing the nightstand so will show pictures when I am done. 

My embroidery machine has been calling me. I was supervised by Miko. 


This time I was embroidering fruit on dish towels. They came out great!  


It was a busy Saturday, but I totally relaxed on Sunday. I am now rested and ready to tackle the work week. 


Comments on: "Bagpipes and Embroidery" (2)

  1. Yup, local craft fairs are the best! My daughter went back on Sunday to get a little drawer piece that we forgot about on Saturday. And they dropped the price 25%.
    How can you beat that??!!??

  2. cardamone5 said:

    I love it when you go to the high school craft fairs as you come home with the greatest treasures! Can’t wait to see a pic of the cabinet. I love the embroidery. It looks great. Thanks for sharing.


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