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Fickle Friday

This crazy weather! About one month ago, the snow was gone from the local mountain. That means spring is here. 

However, 11 days ago we had snow!  

Thus snow back on the mountain. Spring has returned now with highs in the 60s and the snow is starting to disappear again.   

Local lore is that you should not plant outside until snow is off the mountain. Good, I am not reading for planting flowers yet. 

On another note, I saw this car the other day. Hmmm, looks like the man is out of the picture.  Good luck mama!! 

Remember the crappy neighbors in Daughter’s old neighborhood?  They are now gone because the fire department made them leave. 


Could be for various reasons such as unsafe house due to all the junk on the outside. Maybe they were cooking meth?  Who knows, but Daughter is out of there. Thank goodness!

Here’s hoping for a calm weekend. 


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  1. One thing I hated about living in snow country was the teasing way it would warm up in the spring, then suddenly dump a ton of snow on your tulips and daffodils. I remember one year it snowed so heavily on my birthday we couldn’t go anywhere until the snowplow cleared our street. (And yes, I cried.) But at least you have the mountains in view, and fresh greenery. Where I live now, we just have smog and dying, dried-up grass.

    • Yup, darn snow. We had a nasty winter in 2009. Snowed a lot very late. Daughter and track team had to shovel snow off the track so they could run. I do love me some mountains. We have a low snow pack this year so things will be dry. Nothing like you are seeing in CA though. I will do a rain dance for you.

      • Thanks! We could use a rain dance or two or a hundred! 🙂 We had a surprise rainstorm two weeks ago. It lasted only for a day, but it managed to flood some of the low-lying roads and created a mess on the freeways. (People are so funny. They forget how to drive in the rain and are surprised when they slide into one another after driving 70 mph over a puddle-covered lane.) If only we could have one of those every week!

        My son noted that the mountains in the Olympic Range had very little snow on them. He wonders if they’ll have trouble with forest fires this summer, something almost unheard of out there.

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