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The Ides of April

I usually don’t pay a lot of attention to April 15, Tax Day in the USA. And that is because I have gotten a refund for every single year I have filed; 45 years of refunds. And since I get a refund, I usually file my taxes before April 15. 

Refund money is used for my yearly project, such as a new recliner, building a deck, getting Miko (yup, she cost $$), and so on. 

However, this is the year that I could no longer claim my daughter as a dependent. And I ended up owing the IRS money!

Not fair!!


I had plans! Since I had to pay, I waited until the last possible day to file. That would be today. 

I am sooooo depressed. And broke. 


Comments on: "The Ides of April" (4)

  1. oh, that sucks!
    since I plan to pay off the house, I’ll be losing my sole deduction too. to comp, I increased my extra withholding… sucks during the year but is a relief next Mar/Apr, when multiple bills come due!

  2. I had to pay taxes too this year! No dependents, single head of household, and that stupid client that gave me so much grief last fall filed a 1099MISC with the IRS. Most of my freelance people don’t bother to tell the IRS how much they paid me, so for this particular client to do this is galling.

    So, no refund for me either. Too bad, I really could have used it to get through the summer months when school is out of session. Hope you enjoy your weekend, in spite of getting smacked by the feds. 🙂

    • So did crappy client finally pay you??
      I cringed having to pay. Oh well.

      • Yeah, I got the check hours before I was taking off for New York for Christmas with my kids. Thank goodness—but it was over two weeks from the first time I submitted an invoice. Having to pay taxes on that money was adding insult to injury.

        Today I was talking to two people who are scraping by on less than $20,000 a year. They both had to pay taxes this year because they had no dependents, no other deductions, and apparently were making too much money for the Earned Income Credit. Is it just me, or is there some injustice going on here? How is it that there are multinational corporations with offices right here in California that aren’t paying any taxes, and people like us who are just getting by who have to shell out?

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