Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It is Sunday night and I can finally sit down and relax for a few minutes. My last post–not counting Caturday–was about my daughter moving. 

She is now 90% moved in. I refinished a table and chairs for her. Here is the table and chairs from the thrift store.    

After patching a crack in the top, I took the table outside to give it a good sanding.

Then it was back inside to prime it. I started with the bottom and the legs. Of course, that was the day we had snow and my furnace stopped working.

Two coats of enamel and the bottom and legs are done.

Now it is time to prime the top.

Two coats on the top and it is looking good.

Miko likes how the table color matches the caning color of the chairs. I only had a little touch-up work to do on the chairs, thank goodness.

And here it is in Daughter’s apartment. The lighting was poor because there was a big storm passing through. We just managed to get the table inside before it started raining.

I also bought her a microwave cart and assembled it. Miko again had to check things out.    

As the ever handy mom, I put together a cube unit for her too.
So Daughter is getting settled and I am exhausted. Still.


Comments on: "Finishing Up with Moving" (1)

  1. Does your daughter know how lucky she is to have such a handy mom? Seriously, I would never do that much for my kids. I might assemble an IKEA table or crochet a blanket for them, but repair and refinish an old dining set? That’s huge. 🙂

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