Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.


That was the weekend that was (yes, for those that remember, I kind of changed it up).

Friday afternoon I had to watch the Gonzaga men’s basketball team beat UCLA to advance to the Elite Eight. Go Zags!

Friday night I stitched out a little t-shirt for my niece’s daughter (does that make the daughter of my niece my great niece?). It turned out very cute. It is even centered!
Saturday morning I picked up a friend so we could have breakfast and she could tell me about her vacation. We then decided to go to the antique/ thrift shops. My daughter is moving into a new apartment and needs a little table and chairs. After hitting several shops, I bought a small drop-leaf table and two ladder back chairs.
My friend is an excellent negotiator so I got them all for $100. The table has a crack in the wood so I plan to fix that. And the chairs need some touch up painting.

Sunday, I was energized! I got up early and vacuumed, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, and started an Italian porchetta in the crockpot.

Daughter was coming by later so we could do her income taxes. But first we had some errands to run. We went to Home Depot to get paint for the chairs. She decided to repainted the table with a more golden yellow that would match the chair seats. I had to get some wood glue to fix the crack in the table and clamps to hold the table together.

Daughter also decided she wanted a little plant to put on her desk at work. She ended up with some succulents.

We then hit Fred Meyers to grab some veggies and other assorted sundries. By now, we were starving, so we stopped to get some take-out Mexican food.

Sunday afternoon was tax time. We got 99% of it done, but she needs some info she didn’t have. Hopefully, she’ll get that tomorrow and we can get her taxes filed. I still have to do mine. Oh joy!

After Daughter left, I had a dish of the porchetta with carrots. Nom nom!

Watched the Gonzaga/Duke game. Bummer, the Zags lost. Gotta love the team though.

So that was the weekend that was — from my perspective anyway. Hope you had a good one too.


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  1. I went to Home Depot on Sunday too, but I got a massive bag of potting soil to donate to the preschool I work at. The teacher wants to do a gardening unit with the kids, but sadly, only one parent stepped up to donate some gardening stuff to the project. Since we’re already experiencing summer-like weather, the store was packed with people getting stuff for their outdoor projects. (I think a lot of people are switching from water-hungry lawns and plants to paved patios, decks, and rock gardens, judging from what I saw in the checkout line.)

    Hope your daughter enjoys her dining set! It’s just right for a single person in her new apartment. 🙂

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