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Thread Wars

Finally — FINALLY — my embroidery machine is working the way it should. I had to take it in to the repair dude (a different one than before) and he fixed everything. He even removed the little broken needle tip that was stuck inside.

Now that the machine is working, I need to get my thread supply under control. A lot of machine embroidery uses subtle thread color changes to get the desired output. I have been working on updating my stash for colors I need and then organizing the threads too.
I am not certain, but I think the thread has won this round. What is your opinion?

Anyway, I stitched out a baby bib so the letter “M” appears as plaid. (The baby’s name starts with “M.”).
I also found a sweatshirt of my daughters. So I stitched a tree on it. The center around the tree appears a bit darker because it is slightly damp. I used a wash-away stabilizer.
I believe I am on a roll now that everything appears to be working properly. Baby stuff to finish, and a little top for my niece’s daughter. Stay tuned for the results.

By the way, both men and women’s basketball teams have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Woot woot Gonzaga University!


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  1. cardamone5 said:

    Very nice.

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