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Swimming Anyone?

My daughter was down by the river today and here are some spectacular pictures she took.
Kind of impressive, right? Well, no need to worry as the river is at 24.85 feet, a bit more than two feet below flood stage. And the flow peaked two days ago. Now it is at 21.6 kcfs (thousand cubic feet per second).

Definitely an earlier runoff than seen in previous years. Weather has been warm and rainy. Sorry California (for the water) and the New England states (for warm weather and no snow).

Apparently this is how we roll in eastern Washington state — weather-wise, that is.


Comments on: "Swimming Anyone?" (3)

  1. I just got an email from a friend in Chicago who said, “I hope you trip on your sandals.” LOL! I guess I should be grateful for the unusually warm weather here, but we really need several good storms to replenish our reservoirs. Washington State seems blessed by a number of rivers and cascades. The last time I visited my son in Olympia, we saw the Tumwater Falls next to the old Olympia Beer brewery. The spray from the falls was so dense, it made the air around the river humid. Whew!

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