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As you may remember, I am gearing up for machine embroidery. Since I recently got my embroidery machine serviced, I was ready for the next step.

I found and installed some free embroidery software that lets me size, rotate, and change the position of designs. Nothing fancy, but it is needed so I can grab designs from the Internet. However, once I do that on the laptop, I have to be able to download the design files to my embroidery machine.

I have a newer laptop than the one I used many moons ago, so I was a bit concerned about getting the serial port-to-USB drivers set up correctly. Check out this setup. Sheesh!
Once I got my laptop communicating to my machine, I just had to run a test to make sure I could download the designs.

Here is the design on my laptop. Cute little bunny.
And here is the design on my embroidery machine. The dark part is the first section that will be stitched.

Yes indeedy, the design is one I got from the Internet, them transferred to my machine. Do I hear a Woot Woot?!?

Hopefully I will actually get this stitched out on something this week. I am going to take a little machine embroidery class on Friday. I want to have actually tried some stitching before then so I will know where I need assistance.

My next step will be to install some old software that will actually let me create and manipulate designs to a fuller degree. And hopefully I can find my old design files from several years ago. I know I saved them off to a CD – somewhere.

It is all systems go!


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