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My Days in Pictures

I took today off as a vacation day. Here are some pixs from today and a few days ago.

Made chicken parmigiana in the crockpot. Five minutes of easy prep and this is what you get. Tasty, and enough for several meals.
More rain yesterday, but it did produce a piece of a rainbow. Taken from my kitchen window.
Just a couple of miles from my house, the mama deer and her two babies were out eating lunch. So cute.
I picked up a friend to run errands. We stopped for lunch at a cute little cafe in the downtown area. Great sandwich, but the real reason we went to this place was their ice cream. One flavor was banana french toast. How about maple bacon? After several taste tests, I ended up with rastaschio; dark chocolate raspberry chips, raspberry swirl, mixed in with pistachio ice cream. OMG!! (Sorry, I ate the visible chip before I took the pic.)
Although it was a little chilly, we took a very short walk to check out the river. Here is a panoramic view.
I don’t go into the downtown area very often. I live about 30 minutes north, so just don’t make the drive. But the river is beautiful, though the gray skies tend to make it look dreary.

I ran my required errands–the ones that necessitated a vacation day–and returned home to relax the rest of the day. It’s back to work for the rest of the week.


Comments on: "My Days in Pictures" (2)

  1. stellastarstruck said:

    That ice cream looks amazing! The Chicken Parmigiana looks darn good too…I’m allergic to tomato sauce so I can’t have it, but, yum…

    • The ice cream was great! They also had a ginger orange that I tasted. It too was the best.

      I don’t think I could survive without tomato products because I so love Italian food. Your recent pizza looked pretty good though without marinara sauce.

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