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Ellie, my little Siamese, is often called Ellie Belly. My daughter sometimes calls her Ellie Belly Boo Boo. The other cats also have “B” nicknames, such as Sunni Bunny and Miko Biko.

Today, Ellie had an ultrasound test to look at her urinary tract. Poor baby has had blood in her urine since at least August. We have tried several things to help her condition. The vet decided since we are not seeing enough improvement, we should take an in-depth look at her plumbing.

The radiologist had to shave her tummy. Now Ellie is even colder with a furless belly. And because the vet aspirated some fluid from her bladder, Ellie should now be called Ellie Bare-Belly Boo Boo.

When I picked Ellie up at the radiologists, they gave me samples to take to her vet. The vet will then send them off to be tested. Two of the vials were urine samples. Bloody urine. No wonder Ellie doesn’t feel good.
So she is back home sleeping on my lap while I work. We await any info from the vet to hopefully help alleviate the bloody urine issue.


Comments on: "Ellie Bare-Belly Boo Boo" (4)

  1. awww… good juju to Ellie belly boo!

  2. Poor Ellie Boo boo! I hope they get some answers for you! And her!

  3. Poor kitty! I hope they find what’s wrong. Where we’ve had more problems is with the boys developing crystals and getting plugged up. One got so bad we had to have his urethra routed out through his rear end. But this sounds a little more serious than that. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts. I know what kind of a mess that can be…

    • The ultrasound did not show any crystals or stones. Thank goodness! But there was something that may be either a blood clot or swelling due to inflamation. Should know a bit more in a few days. Hope it is mothing as setious as what your cat had. That sounds scary. Thanks for thinking of us. And by the way, i am trying to develop my AtoZ theme. Hard work!!

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