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Whew – Hectic Week

It is finally Friday. And I wonder where the week went.

I had a doctor appointment and we are starting (heavy on the starting) to think about knee replacement. Oh joy!! My next injection will be hyaluronic acid instead of cortisone. Hopefully that will help and buy my knee some more time. There is something that bothers me about injecting any “acid” into my body. Maybe I will go on a psychedelic trip.
And Ellie, my petite Siamese cat, was back at the vets. Still a fair amount of blood in her urine. But no bacteria infection. Yay!! With Ellie, I celebrate the small wins. The vet is posting her case to see if other vets have any suggestions for treatment.

Ellie was not happy about going to the vets. She is shunning me from inside her carrier. What a little stinker.
Good news is that Daughter is officially full-time employed! She was a contracted employee at a local company. Her 3 month contract was just up and they hired her full time. Congrats to her. To celebrate, she and some friends went rock climbing. They are camping out for two nights. She said to not worry because it was going to get up in the 50s during the day.

I think I will sleep on that — in my toasty warm bed with cats for extra warmth.


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  1. dropping acid sounds more interesting than injecting it. but if you do so, please post the results. cortisone shot did nothing for me. i haven’t heard of the acid shots.

  2. Eek on the knee surgery! I suppose if you’ve been in pain for awhile, it sounds like a huge improvement over limping on a cane all day: but after watching a friend go through PT following her knee replacement, I thought, ‘If I can postpone this forever, I will!’ The acid injection sounds almost as bad, though. I’ve had cortisone shots in my shoulder back when I tore my rotator cuff, and while I’m usually pretty stoic, I wish my doctor had put me under while he was doing it. It was “a big owie,” as my kids used to say. :-/

    Yay on your daughter getting a full-time job! I hope you and her get to celebrate together in a more tame way. Rock climbing is—well, I probably would have loved it when I was in my 20s. But with a bum knee, a fragile back and a bad shoulder, it’s best I stay on the ground! 😉

    Ellie should be glad her mom takes such good care of her!

    • I agree; postpone as long as possible. But i dont want to wait too long. Already every step hurts. The shots just make it bearable for a couple of months. I dont mind the shots. My doctor is a magician in that they really do not hurt except for a tiny bit. He freezes the injection site first. Then injects lidocaine and then the good stuff. It was the lidocaine that used to really hurt me. But now he freezes it and it is a breeze.
      I just had a friend do a knee replacement. However he got a blood infection and almost died. That concerns me of course. Plus the rehab. I live alone (cats dont count because they can’t help with household chores. Oh well, if/when this all happens, i will be prepared.
      I am with you — stay on the ground. I am a klutz so that is hard to do at times. That’s gotta be our motto: 2 feet on the ground.
      Hope work is going well. Did you get to work with people who appreciate your work — or– still stuck with the rudies (rude people)?

      • I’m working at a great school with terrific teachers, thanks for asking! 🙂 But I also took on a job as an afterschool latchkey care provider, and that’s been hard. The staff is fine but the parents and their kids are…well, I get that stuff happens and you can’t always be a perfect parent. But not picking up your kids when you know the staff closes the center at 6 p.m.—I mean, not even calling at 6:30? It was a bad moment, since the district requires that we call Child Protective Services if the parents don’t pick up their children after 6. I should update my blog, but working until 6 and eating dinner at 7 really kills the evening for me. 😦

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