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Moose on the Loose

In the Pacific Northwest, you learn to live with local animals. In my yard there have been moose, deer, porcupines, skunks, and tons of feathered friends. And a cougar in the neighborhood, though I haven’t seen him.

In return, the animals also learn to live with us. In one small town, this moose obeys the street lights and uses the crosswalk.


Comments on: "Moose on the Loose" (5)

  1. law abiding moose is good

  2. How majestic, and a cougar? Wow! I’d put one of those video cameras out, like they show in documentaries, to catch him/her on film. Of course, this would involve a lot of money and learning, so I would probably just imagine this, but how wonderful would it be to catch a glimpse? Hopefully, while you are safely in a vehicle or in your house. Your cats would flip out. I wonder if their tails would twitch like they do when watching birds or if they would hide?

    I have woods behind my house where we have seen foxes, deer, coyotes, all kinds of feathered friends, skunks, etc. Nature is pretty cool.


    • Love the nature! A moose and her calf were at my daughter’s school one morning. We had to sit in rhe car and wait until they wandered off before she could get into the school. At another time, a cougar was spotted at the school. They kept the kids in for recess until they vould get parent volunteers to patrol the edges of the large playground during recess.
      The cats enjoy the bird-watching. I bet they would chatter and tail-twitch if they saw something bigger than a bird.
      I know we also have coyotes. I see them occasionally in the fields, but i have not seen one ar the house. And i would love to see a fox!

  3. Last night the local constabulary and our neighborhood were under high alert, as a cougar had been spotted running through a nearby park. This is our second one in less than a year. We think they, along with the deer, beaver, and coyotes follow the river all the way from the hills into the city. I don’t know why a cougar would want to come into the dirty, dangerous city, unless it got hopelessly lost and made a wrong turn into town.

    Moose—they’re huge, bigger than horses! The first time I saw one in the wild was at Yellowstone National Park. I was momentarily scared out of my wits, as it was casually trotting along the side of the road, barely noticing our little car. If it decided to assert right-of-way, it probably could have flipped up over with one good thump!

    • Moose kind of scare me because the are HUGE and seem friendly. They can turn on you in a second, especially if their baby is close by. I feel bad about the Cougars; we are totally infringing on their territory. I think they only come into housing areas because they cannot find food. Personally I prefer moose or cougar over an alligator in the yard.

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