Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It is official; I am back to quilting. I have several quilt project that are 80% done and I plan to work on those while I am also starting a new project.

Why don’t I just finish the unfinished ones you ask. One reason is that the quilting work requires some skill. And I need to get back to that skill level in order to proceed. Another quilt only needs hand work done. I plan to do that while I watch a DVD.

This mystery quilt I am starting from scratch. It is a mystery because although I know the blocks I will be making, it remains a mystery how they all go together.

Here are the fabrics for the mystery quilt. The light gray print (bottom left) is the background. The big multicolor print (bottom center) will be in the quilt and also a wide border.
I like cutting out all the block pieces at the same time because I do it on the kitchen island. It’s just the right size for my cutting mat and the perfect height for cutting.
To stay organized, I put all the fabric pieces for a single block type in a plastic bag. That way I can keep track of what I have completed and what remains to be sewn. Here are a couple of the block bags.
It’s a mystery, so stay tuned for further progress.


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