Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I am finally getting back into quilting after several years of just not sewing at all.

To get on track, I have to do several things first. My task list includes cleaning the sewing room (check), getting maintenance on the sewing machine (check), finding the necessary tools and doodads needed for quilting (working on that).

One requirement was to have the ironing board and iron ready. I press every seam I sew right after I sew it. I have always hated the up/down to get to the ironing board. And then I spotted a little Pinterest item to convert a tray table to a mini ironing table.

A few years ago I bought several tray tables at a yard sale. So I had an extra one laying around. Here’s the before tray table, just leaning against the wall, bored with life. Miko approved the selection.
This project was an excellent excuse to try out my new staple gun. I cheated a bit and started out using an old ironing board cover. I stapled that down. Then I grabbed a small piece of canvas that I had purchased a while ago for this very project. It took a bit of canvassing the sewing room before I found it (very bad pun). I proceeded to staple the living daylights out of that.

And voila — my mini ironing table, just right for the sew-press routine. Miko helped, as always.
Next task, cut the fabric. Stay tuned.


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