Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.


As I get older it is harder to recover from things. And in this case, I am referring to recovering from a two week vacation and returning to work. Thus the Thank God It’s Friday.

It was perhaps a bit more difficult due to family issues last week. Although Daughter had her own place, she has been staying with me for most of my vacation. She has not been feeling well and had wanted some mama pampering.

Daughter had to have a colonoscopy last week. Although the test results were positive (meaning good news), the test itself did not go well.

So I had to put on my mama-nurse hat and try to fix her food that will not make her sick — which should always be an objective. We stayed home and perfected the routine of reading and napping.

The kitties were very excited to have more than one lap on which to sleep. Miko was especially glad to spend some quality time with big sis.
When Monday rolled around, I worked from home due to bad weather and road conditions. And then I picked up a bit of the sniffles. Or should I say the sneezers. The cats hate me. Just when they get comfortable on my lap, I sneeze several times and disturb everyone — within a one mile radius.

Hopefully my current sneeze fest will not create problems on Saturday while I watch the Seattle Seahawks kick some Panther butt.


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  1. Nice that you got to spend time with your daughter, but not so nice that she had to undergo a colonoscopy. Those things suck, though I’m not sure it’s because of the prep work or the actual procedure itself. I’m glad my internist told me I wouldn’t need to get another one for six years, but I’m afraid I’m due this year for another.

    Nothing like having Mom for a nurse! Though my mom was a little too heavy-handed with punishing my kids and doing other eccentric things while I was in bed for whatever reason. Hope your daughter is feeling better!

    • I have had several colonoscopies, so tried to prepare info-wise. For her, the prep was no big deal. The procedure itself was an issue however. They told her that the next time she has it done, to request anesthesia instead of sedation. And they didnt find anything. Which is goid, but she is tired of being sick and wants an answer!! So back to doctor this week. Good luck with your upcoming colonoscopy. Hope you have the easy prep like my daughter did. And the easy procedure like i always have.

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