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Stacking Up

It started snowing last night and hasn’t stopped. It is starting to stack up. Supposed to be 4-7 inches total.
But then late tonight/tomorrow it will turn to rain. Crap — that means 4-7 inches of slush that is impossible to drive in. Oh yeah — and it’s all on top of ice. Hopefully I can get to work tomorrow. If not, I will just connect and telecommute.

At least I have supplies. I made chocolate chip banana bread, using dark chocolate chips.
And pumpkin cinnamon chip cookies (absolutely best cookies on earth; who knew they made cinnamon chips?).

And wheat berry chili with cornbread, because it is illegal to have chili without cornbread. And spring greens for a salad. And wine or Bailey’s or melted snow to drink.

I am doing whatever it takes to fuel up for the next foray outside to shovel snow — again.


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  1. Brrr! I sometimes think I miss snow, living down in California, but then people who actually live with it like you remind me it’s not all snowmen and Bing Crosby. I hope you don’t try to drive on semi-frozen slush. I once fishtailed on a slushy highway, then spun around and hit a guardrail. (Good thing it was there, otherwise I would have fallen into the Minnesota River.) It’s why I never underestimate bad weather, even if it’s just heavy rain out here.

    Cookies! I want cookies now, especially as my kids ate them all before I arrived at my daughter’s place for Christmas.

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