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Thank You Neighbor!

I am fairly certain my neighbor won’t be reading this, but then again, I am not sure it was my neighbor whom I am thanking.

Let me start at the beginning. Yesterday was the first significant snow of the season. And it wasn’t all that much — maybe 4 inches. But it was enough to have to shovel. This is the back yard (prettier view than the driveway).
Since it was snowing, then raining, then snowing all day, I decided to wait until it was done before I bundled up to shovel my driveway. Thus I read and napped away most of the day.

I looked outside to check on snow activity. Not only had it stopped, but my driveway was clear! Someone — I am assuming it was one of my neighbors — had snowblowed the driveway.

I think it was my new neighbors — four young men who moved in next door in August. I have chatted with them a few times; they seem extremely nice.

So thank you whoever did this good deed. There are good people in the world and apparently one of them lives in my neighborhood.


Comments on: "Thank You Neighbor!" (1)

  1. i love random favors from neighbors!

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