Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Winter – hah!

It is the day after the winter solstice and it is 47F. So warm that when I opened the front door, the sun was warm hot through the window. Thus my decision to finish up a bit of yard work that did not get done earlier.

Here is the front flower bed. Day lilies and iris debris everywhere. Gross.
After wrangling dead stems and other detritus, I filled up the yard waste bin. Good thing too, because there are only two more pickups before I discontinue the service until next fall. Anyway, here is a cleaner flower bed.
Not all that tidy, but good enough to make me feel as if I accomplished something. It’s tough being on vacation and not succumbing to total laziness.

It seems odd to be doing yard work three days before Xmas. We have only had about 1 inch of snow this December. The norm is for about 15 inches. Not that I am complaining. Otherwise I could not have done yard work. Wait…maybe I should be complaining!


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