Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Oh Tannenbaum

I usually have a big xmas tree, covered in mice ornaments. Beautiful and full of memories because of the ornaments. Click here to see some pixs from the past.

This year, I was concerned about Miko’s michevious nature if a fully decorated tree was in the house. Thus a small 4 foot artificial tree. It was up for a few days with no ornaments and there did not seem to be a problem.

So I took a calculated risk and hung a few ornaments on the tree. Bad idea. The next morning several ornaments were on the floor and the tree was knocked over.

Thus, these are the trees in the house for this holiday season.

A mosaic tree with a battery-operated light. I would like to use a little votive light, but I fear for burnt whiskers.

And this little gem was given to me by my geeky brother. Isn’t it the cutest little tree?

But I still have the original four foot tree, with only a few ornaments. There must be something unattractive about the ornaments because although the cats investigate, they no longer attack.



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